VES: Pressure Vessel, Exchanger Design and Calculation Software

Ves is a vessel and exchanger design package containing modules for ASME VIII div.1, TEMA, AD Merkblätter, EN13445 and RToD. The design package contains a large number of design standards for gaskets, pipe schedules materials and others. The design modules make use of the same design data by sharing the project database. This way it is possible to design a pressure vessel simultaneously for the various codes. See:

Project Management

The VES software assists the engineer to manage the engineering projects in an efficient and orderly manner. It handles equipment design data for one or more projects in one single database. VES provides an easy way to locate engineering data by means of a project management system.
The project management system can handle simple pressure components such as cylinders, flanges and tube sheets but is also capable of creating complex pressure vessels such as heat exchangers.

Advantages of VES Software

Efficiency: At the start of a design the relevant data becomes quickly available to the other project disciplines such as Civil and Piping.
Integrity: All engineers work with the same data. The engineer can track revision numbers and the modifications are immediately visible to all project members.
Quality and Validation: The project data can be validated according ISO norms.
One tool: One tool for RToD, ASME VIII div.1, TEMA, EJMA, AD Merkblätter and EN13445. By switching between different codes the engineer can easily check for economical alternatives for the same vessel. Only one tool for horizontal, vertical vessels, heat exchangers, vertical columns and any other vessel design.
Flexibility at a competitive price: If you need more information about the software or a price quotation do not hesitate to contact us.

VES Help System

VES has an on-line help system. All design modules are supported by this help system.
The help system contains detailed text and graphics on how to use the design modules. It explains the available design options and gives practical tips on design issues.
The various codes are integrated in the help functions containing the relevant parts of the codes.It is not necessary to have the code books separately at hand.